Different Types Of Prints

A computer printer is a device whose job is to create a paper copy of a computer document. The printer is provided with the document, either by connecting it to the computer that contains the document by cable, or the printer may be connected to a computer network to which the computer is attached, or the document can be supplied to the document directly (from a digital camera or from a memory card). Printers vary depending on:
Print color (color, black only)
Technology type (bitmap, ink, laser)
Print resolution (measured by the number of ink points printed per square inch m)
Tasks (you may only print and may perform multiple tasks with printing as a fax or scanner)

The printer is also a device for extracting data from the computer and prints texts and graphics on a physical medium such as papers, and the printed data is called hard copy and therefore to differentiate between them and the copy that appears on the computer screen and is called the soft copy and the printed copy takes two main forms :
Portrait or portrait format, the image here is longer than its width, and printing reports, books and letters is appropriate for this figure.
And the other form is the landscape, and here the image is wider and wider than the length, printing tables and drawings that this figure often fits with.

Main printing colors: Printers include two types of colors, they are color printers, white and black printers, and color printers use the following colors in their work (black – blue – red – yellow) and print all the required colors either once or print each color separately until they are finished with The required work, and most uses of color printers at home only. As for black color printers, they are widely used in business to save printing costs and also because they are faster than color printers in their work. Personal printer and network printer

The printer that connects to the computer directly is called the personal printer, whereas the one that connects to the Internet is called the network printer, and the personal printer can also be shared via the Internet if the computer connected to it is also connected to the network, but the network printer is originally designed to work directly from the network and any computer connected to the network can use it For printing, most network printers are designed for business and for printing a large amount of paper.interior design

The main types of printers currently available

First: Inkjet Printer

It is one of the types of printers that print texts and graphics by puffing or spraying very small points of liquid ink on a piece of paper. These printers have a very great popularity for use in homes, and their prices are acceptable and affordable for everyone.

Second: photo printer

It is a color printer designed to print pictures with high quality, some of them only print two sizes of pictures are 5 x 3 inches and also 6 x 4 inches (photo studios) and there are other photo printers printed at much larger sizes, and in general the more the size of the printed images increases the more the price Photo printer ..

Third: Laser printer

It is one of the types of printers that are characterized by high print speed and high quality production. They are available in models for color printing and others for black and white printing only, and are often used for 11 x 8.5 inch papers that are placed in their own tray inside the printer, and some contain several drawers for a set of papers Different 

Fourth: Portable printer

Small, lightweight, battery-powered character that can be used for printing from a laptop or smart phone and its size is very small and can be placed in a bag with the laptop.

Fifth: Thermal printer

It is used in the printer on special thermal sensitive paper through direct heating of the symbol’s printing position on paper, and it is often found in stores and supermarkets, which print the purchase invoices to buyers.

Sixth: Barcode and label printer

Label printer is a small printer that prints on papers that can be affixed to many things such as stickers, parcels, pictures, toys, or price printing. As for the Barcode printer, it enables companies and major organizations to print the product identification code (Barcode) on products and documents to give the product a special identity and to know its price. There is also a postage printer, or a special type of label printer that prints postage stamps.

In the end, we will have got acquainted with the printers, their function and their different types, and to meet up with other lessons to come … Thank you