While we are known for high-quality Dubai printing, Just Print also offers a wide variety of distinctive design and product imagery and finishing options. Our artists will sit with you to develop the right look and meet your customized demands for each project.



Embossing and de-embossing are similar processes that create a different result in terms of sense of touch and feel on the paper. Here the paper is stamped between a plate and counter to create a striking and creative impression. Embossing creates a raised impression while de-embossing creates a depressed impression. By sprinkling gold dust or metallic shimmer over these stamped impressions, you can further enhance the elegance and style of products such wedding invitations, custom stationary, scrolls, announcements and more.

Foil Stamping

Foil printing is used to create a shimmery or textural effect to highlight specific text or images. Gold, silver or other metallic foil layers is affixed by a heating process to bond the design to the surface to create profound effect. Clear and holographic foils can also be used to accent your suites.


Paper pieces are traditionally printed in full-color, and as an additional step can be laminated to make it durable, weather resistant and have a glossy finish. Lamination can be a liquid that dries to a tough gloss or dull surface, or it could be a film. You can create a sheen, or a muted effect or even hive it a glossy, dull or a satin finish, as per your choice.

Spot UV Varnish

A spot varnish is applied on chosen areas (or spots) of a printed piece to accentuate those areas without seeming too obtrusive. This has the gentle effect of elevation with UV ink/varnish; when looked at from various angles draws appeal and attention. Different images/text can be highlighted as desired.

Die Cut

Die cutting provides a tactile and visual edge to your surface it lets you create a myriad range of contours – from unconventional corners, to perfect symmetry or an outline of an image or logo.


As the oldest and most widely used process, in this method a surface with raised letters is inked and pressed to reproduce an image in the reverse. Most popularly used in wedding invitations, this process can also create unique business cards, letterheads and other custom printed products.
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